I made this online course to reach people across the globe with the powerful reframing tools. It is free and can be taken by anyone with access to the internet. These reviews came in recently:

  • “A gift beyond measure.”
  • “An incredibly stimulating, enlightening and well-presented course. Anette Prehn’s non-technical approach, together with her clear explanations, made this course a joy to follow.”
  • “Information that will genuinely help with all social and personal interactions. Why do you react a certain way? Well maybe you’re just human and now you’ve been given the Human Handbook to guide you. Anette Prehn makes a complicated and technical science understandable to a wide range of people.”
  • “Will power is over-rated. Reframing is under-rated. I believe the information in this course is FANTASTIC! I believe IF a person applies the techniques given in this course consistently UNTIL they become a habit, they will become a more effective human being. This course teaches techniques that show you how to get in rapport with your brain so that you get results with less effort. This course is worth watching and worth implementing until it becomes a habit. I am VERY happy I found this course…”
  • “We enjoyed using this course in our curriculum. It was easy to follow with great examples and visuals. We learned many helpful tools for reframing! This course met it’s description extremely well! We look forward to more from this wonderful instructor :-)”
  • “One of the best courses on Udemy.”
  • “If you are looking for inspiration with a science-based foundation this is for you.”
  • “I’ve long been interested in neuroscience and found this course to be one of the most practical ones to date.”
  • “Truly helpful”
  • “This woman must be a saint. She gives away so much here that I’m left in utter gratitude.”
  • “Anette uses a beautiful voice to explain and explore a fabulous method to manage difficult situations and emotional response. She provides the key to cracking open the door leading to a new, refreshing, joyful understanding of positive solution-based actions. It’s all about reframing. Thanks so much for this gift.”
  • “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going through this course, and can’t wait to start Dr. Prehn’s Framestorm course.”
  • “This should have been taught in school at a young age”
  • “Information shared in an amazingly simple and useful manner!”
  • “I thouroghly enjoyed this comprehensive course. I wait with enthusiastic anticipation for Anete Prehn’s future courses soon to be offered.”
  • “WOW!”

40,000 students have taken the course so far. Are you next?


Anette Prehn (1975) er sociolog, videnskabsformidler, foredragsholder og forfatter til 12 bøger og minibøger på syv sprog om hjernens spilleregler. Hun opdagede for ca. 12 år siden, at hjernen følger bestemte spilleregler. “What!” tænkte hun. “Hvordan kan det være, at forskerne ved det her, uden at almindelige mennesker har gavn og glæde af det?” Det kickstartede hendes mission: at lave fremragende og jordnær videnskabsformidling; i særdeleshed at gøre hjerneforskning og socialpsykologi tilgængelig og brugbar for alle. Det gør hun bl.a. i sin HJERNESMART-trilogi: en række bestseller-bøger om hjernens logikker; Hjernesmarte BørnHjernesmart Ledelse ogHjernesmart Pædagogik. Senest har hun fået udgivet HJERNEVENNER-serien, skrevet så man kan forstå og bruge den fra 10 år og opefter. Den første hedder Stierne i hjernen og anbefales blandt andre varmt af professor og hjerneforsker Troels W. Kjær. Den anden hedder Bliv ven med hjernens amygdala og anbefales bl.a. af professor i socialpsykologi, Per Schultz Jørgensen. Den tredje hedder Gør hjernen til en medspiller og anbefales bl.a. af ph.d. og vinder af Ph.d. Cup 2017, Louise Klinge. Den fjerde Sov dig til en bedre hjerne anbefales bl.a. af hjerneforsker og søvnekspert Maiken Nedergaard. Den femte Giv hjernen plads til udvikling anbefales af familievejleder Lola Jensen, mens den sjette Tag nye billeder med hjernen, anbefales af hjerneforsker Kjeld Fredens. Den syvende minibog Din kreative hjerne anbefales af mad-entreprenør Claus Meyer. Du kan læse om alle Hjernevenner-seriens minibøger samlet her. Du kan også læse mere om Anette Prehns mission her